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AUTHENTIC KIDS is a fun packed time of games, dynamic bible lessons tailored to each age group, creative art projects designed to reinforce bible lessons, and powerful worship! During your child's time with us they will engage with peers and be mentored by leaders in their class room. We have a snack time each sunday where we provide a snack and drink for each child. One of the most important opportunities we get is teaching our children to pray. Don’t worry, we won't spend the whole time in the classroom, we will take a trip right outside to our secure gated turf playground where our kids play team sports, swing on swings, or allow their imagination to run free creating new games outdoors. 



We teach the bible in a fun engaging way! Every week we have a lesson that engages kids with all types of learning styles. Every one of our lessons always points back to the gospel. That Jesus came to earth fully man and fully God, He died on a cross, but rose from a grave three days later to give us the greatest gift ever! Even our babies get to engage in a lesson all about God’s love every week…. Yes we do the same lesson every week because we want them to know God’s love before anything else. They also get to do praise and worship with music and instruments. 

Our affirmations 

  1. I pray powerful prayers

  2. I have spiritual gifts 

  3. Scripture is my weapon 



We expect our Kids to grow spiritually mentally and physically. Our 3 rules are We Love God, We love our Friends, and We Love to Obey. The goal of our rules is to set clear expectations for how to live like Jesus.


MVP’S                   CHAMPS              all stars

6 month - 2 Yr.                              3 Yr - 6 Yr                                  7 Yr- 11 Yr





Youtube channel with all of our songs and dances 

Spotify with our MVP’S playlist and AUTHENTIC KIDS playlist 

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