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Our Internship Program is CHANGING lives! We are seeing students be equipped to walk with the Holy Ghost, discover the calling on their life and leadership begin to rise up. Our internship program kicks off with our Welcome Weekend to launch the semester off on January 27-28. 


Through cooperate prayer, leadership teachings, and serving in the Ministry of Authentic, you will gain the tools to practically live out your faith. You will have the opportunity to learn from experienced ministry leaders from around the Nation. Apply now to set the foundation for a ministry-focused life propelled by Jesus!


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HAYLEE: The Authentic internship has changed my life by pushing me out of my comfort zone in the best way. I’ve been able to get more involved in the church. I’ve been welcomed into a community with open arms and made friends like I’ve never had before. I’ve learned more about the Bible and who God is. Huddle speakers have taught me about things that aren’t always talked about on Sundays. I’ve learned how to navigate the Bible better so I can search for answers to my own questions. I’ve conquered fears, made friendships, have grown closer to God because of this internship. 


CHRIS: Going into the internship, I honestly just wanted to be apart of something good. It was definitely that and more, but I didn’t expect the impact it went on to have have in my life. Not only did transformation happen in me, but through that it transformed my relationships with friends and family and a lot of the other things around me. The boldness and confidence in me to spread the gospel and talk about Jesus, just sky rocketed and overall opened up new levels of Faith. I worship differently, I pray and lead differently and when I would usually want to complain and become prisoner to my circumstances, I choose to speak life instead. The best part about all of it though, is I didn’t do it alone. So many friendships came with it and they became the people I wouldn’t want to do life without. I honestly thought I knew who God was before, but only because I saw the way others talked about him and how he moved in their lives. Through the internship I got to taste and see that for myself for the first time.


LYDIA: The Authentic internship has been the turning point in not only my relationship with God but with how I love people. He brought me all the way from indiana to be apart of something that I never would have imagined could impact me in such a way. I’ve grown in not only my faith but in my leadership skills, communication skills, confidence in my faith, and my love for serving people. I’ve been surrounded by a community of leaders who encourage and grow with me as we all thrive to impact the kingdom. It’s taught me how to love others well and how to remain joyful even in the midst of the chaos of the world. 

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