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Authentic Church Pastor Sam Lee


Prayer is not our last resort, it’s our first response because we know that prayer changes outcomes!

The more we seek Him, the more we see Him! In these powerful times of Prayer and Worship, we’ve seen people set free, receive healing, and increase their faith to levels they never even thought were possible! Are you needing a move of God? These Prayer Gatherings will change your life forever.


Authentic Church Pastor Mac Shirley




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HAYLEE: The Authentic internship has changed my life by pushing me out of my comfort zone in the best way. I’ve been able to get more involved in the church. I’ve been welcomed into a community with open arms and made friends like I’ve never had before. I’ve learned more about the Bible and who God is. Huddle speakers have taught me about things that aren’t always talked about on Sundays. I’ve learned how to navigate the Bible better so I can search for answers to my own questions. I’ve conquered fears, made friendships, have grown closer to God because of this internship. 

Authenthic City Church

MEET BRI: She started coming to Authentic a couple of months ago. When Bri came, Pastor Mac prayed over her for her children to be in her custody because she was fighting a brutal custody battle. She hadn’t seen her 3 kids in a really long time, but SHE HAD FAITH! Faith to believe that God would do it for her family. As a church, we continued to pray her and her boys that she would be able to see them again. Bri got baptized to proclaim that she believes in the God of the impossible!

When we heard news back, she was able to see her children unexpectedly and we were praising God for answered prayers. BUT He was not done yet! Soon after she got the boys in her custody.  And officially on August 2nd they will be HOME with their mom permanently! Praise God with us to celebrate all God is doing in and through Bri’s family!


CHRIS & ANDREA had been struggling with infertility. They continually received bad report after bad report from doctors. After starting to come to Authentic, they decided to activate their faith by speaking life over their bodies during a time in which most would've given up. They believed so much that God would show up in a mighty way that they took one of the Authentic Miracle Handkerchiefs and placed it underneath their mattress. Soon after that bold step of faith, they found out they were pregnant! Only God can do this!

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